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Internship: Umanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Research 

Degree Level: Undergraduate level student

Internship Objective: This work supports the UAS in the National Airspace System (NAS) integration project. The goal is to characterize detect and avoid (DAA) system behavior and identify / extract scenarios of interest in order to further the project's research objectives. To accomplish this, the work will focus on visualization and analysis of DAA encounters between UAS and manned traffic operating under visual flight rules. 

Internship: Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Research

Degree Level: Undergraduate level student (Senior level – pursuing BS) or first year MS student

Internship Objective: The UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM)) research platform enables the testing of various capabilities ranging from visual line-of-sight operations in rural areas to beyond visual line-of-sight (expanded) operations in urban areas. This platform is comprised of a set of web services that are accessible from a remote server by clients that have been implemented according to the published interface control document (ICD). The ICD defines the communication between the UTM research platform and an operator. It provides the information necessary to develop clients and software applications that interface with the UTM research platform. The UTM research team has developed a number of clients and applications that displays UTM information and enables interaction with the UTM research platform. The goal is to distribute this client software to as many universities as possible and assist them in communicating with the UTM server at NASA Ames to help enhance the UTM concept development and provide a wider-base for research within the academia in this field.


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