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NAMS supports the U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate - Ames (ADD-A) Vehicle Management & Control Technical Area (NASA Ames Code YH) in producing software for the design and testing of flight control systems, particularly with respect to rotorcraft. There are four main software modules, which compose this integrated system:

  • CIFER®, a system identification tool
  • CONDUIT®, a flight control system optimization tool
  • RIPTIDE, a pilot-in-the-loop flight simulator
  • A Data Management System (TRENDS/FIDGET/SMACK).

Each of these modules will be enhanced, as well as the software needed to integrate the system. This task will also include technical consulting and maintenance of current software, as well as documentation and support for research use of the flight control tools and techniques.

In addition, NAMS supports the Human Systems Interface Technical Area (NASA Ames Code YN), which performs research into the design and testing of human/machine interfaces, particularly with respect to helicopter pilot interfaces and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) ground control stations (GCS). The FISH and ICE symbology software developed under this task can also run onboard the JUH-60A RASCAL and EH-60L Black Hawk research helicopters operated by the ADD Moffett Field Flight Projects Branch.