libSLAD System Overview

Key Features of libSLAD

  • Solution characterizes surface roughness, slope, proximity to obstacles and other metrics that can easily retrieved by the user.
  • Easily configure solution parameters, such a scan area, and grid resolution.
  • Fast processing by using an efficient sliding window with rank order statistics method to assess landing zone.
  • Returns the landing zone height map and provides a range of solutions over the entire scanned area.
  • Returns an optimal landing or drop off point based on the various weighted metrics.
  • Simple C++ class interface for data input and solution output.
  • Easy-to-use suite of testing and verification tools.

libSensor 1.0 Release Announcement (January 2013)

The libSLAD team announces the release of libSensor 1.0, which is offered as a free download to libOFN, libSLAD, or RIPTIDE customers.

libSensor 1.0 is a hardware-accelerated real-time sensor simulation capable of handling complex geometry. libSensor is based on OpenSceneGraph (OSG), a 3-dimensional graphics library, and depends on OpenGL for hardware interfacing. This library simulates range sensors including scanning LADAR and flash LADAR, and will operate in any 3-dimensional environment that can be represented in an OSG-readable file. Please contact us for the download link if you are a current libOFN, libSLAD, or RIPTIDE customer.