Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification, 2nd Edition

Authors: Mark B. Tischler with Robert K. Remple
Published: ©2012 by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Education Series)
Print ISBN: 978-1-60086-820-7


Presenting proven methods, practical guidelines, and real-world flight-test results for a wide range of state-of-the-art flight vehicles, Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification, Second Edition addresses the entire process of aircraft and rotorcraft system identification from instrumentation and flight testing to model determination, validation, and application of the results. In this highly anticipated second edition, authors Tischler and Remple have added dedicated in-depth chapters presenting extended model structures and identification results for large flexible transport aircraft, and the detailed methodology to develop a continuous full flight envelope simulation model from individual system identification models and trim test data.

Topics Discussed

  • Frequency-response methods that are especially well suited for system identification of flight vehicle models from flight-test data.
  • Specific guidelines for flight testing, data analysis, and the proper selection of model structure complexity.
  • Emphasis on the importance of physical insight in model development and applications.

Special Features

  • Numerous flight-test results for both manned and unmanned vehicles illustrating the wide-ranging roles of system identification, including the analysis of flight mechanics, feedback control, handling qualities, subsystem dynamics, structural analysis, higher-order models for aircraft and rotorcraft, and simulation.
  • Extensive problem sets at the end of each chapter, with many exercises based on flight-test data provided for the XV-15 in hover and cruise giving the reader hands-on real-world experience with system identification methods and interpretation of the results.
  • Student version of CIFER® with updated graphical user interface using MATLAB®. This is available for download upon purchase of the textbook at the AIAA Supplemental Materials section. The download password can be found on the last printed page of the texbook, after the index.

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