Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics groups work on research and development of new robotic technologies that support NASA exploration goals, including planetary rover hardware, tensegrity robotics, and applied computer vision.

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NASA Academic Mission Services (NAMS)

The USRA-led team focuses on tasks to assist NASA Ames Research Center with understanding navigation of unpiloted aircraft systems, air traffic management, autonomous systems, airborne sciences, aeroacoustics, synthetic biology, quantum computing, and small spacecraft development. The latter includes development of airborne remote sensing technologies to monitor carbon cycling, habitats, vegetation structure, and growth.

NAMS provides NASA Ames with capabilities to fulfill mission requirements from fundamental research and development through field-test deployments and operational science missions.


NAMS supports education and research collaboration programs, including student research & development programs.



USRA NAMS office is located in Mountain View, California.

USRA has locations across the United States with headquarters in Washington, DC.

NAMS Building

NASA/Eric James